Thursday, January 03, 2008

With Friends Like These....

We had a great New Year's Eve!

Since we live in view of the Tower of the Americas, where San Antonio's big NYE celebration and fireworks show is held, we usually have a party. This year we were arriving back from 20+ hours of travel on NYE and knew we'd be in no condition for a party. However we didn't want to leave our friends out, so we said to feel free to come and hang out in our backyard for the fireworks, we'd have no food or drink and may be asleep ourselves, but they were welcome. And they took us up on it.

As it turns out we arrived earlier than planned and promptly fell asleep. They all arrived but didn't even know we were there. They came prepared with food and drink for us, we woke up in time to see the fireworks and wish everyone a Happy New Year. Then promptly fell back to sleep ;-) It was fun to have a 'non-party' and not have to do anything!

(I'm cheating with the picture, it's not mine and it's from last year...but you get the idea.)

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