Thursday, March 06, 2008

Little Miss Personality

Angelina is just too darn funny.

People are always coming up to her and saying how cute she is. She just bats her eyelashes or laughs. She is cute, but I've figured out what makes her so darn cute.

It's all in the personality. Yes, she has big beautiful blue eyes that stare up at you (especially after she is naughty). Yes, she has a stunning smile you can't resist. But it's something more. Whevever we go people will look and comment on her, they'll come up to her and kiss her and hold her and just go on and on and on. Ok, I know every kid gets that.

But she is special. She has this way of lighting up the room when she goes into it (except when she's shrieking). She is just So Full Of Life. Case in point: We were at a political rally recently, and there were a ton of parents with small kids there. It was in the evening, all the kids are quietly in their strollers or their parents' arms half asleep.

Angelina? No. As soon as the music started she was dancing, laughing, clapping to the music. She kept running in circles (and only circles because I prevented her from running too far away in one direction). There are many times this drives me bonkers, but I also finally realized it's what makes her so special. She was tired and rubbing her eyes (with hands full of dirt because she kept playing in the large planter) but she was laughing constantly. Every adult that walked by (and many kids too) smiled and talked about the "Cute little girl."

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