Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beach

Ah, my little one. There's something I want to share with you: The Beach.

Well, no. It's Nature. We share that every day. See, your Maman is a California Girl at heart. That means she loves the Beach. She loves the Desert. She loves the Mountains. There are many beautiful places in the world, but one place has all three. California. Alas, it has many other things we could do without - traffic, high we live other places. But I make this promise to you now: once per year, we will see the Sea.


I think we'll see the mountains all year. And the deserts are a little more challenging. But you will know them all.

Tonight it's been 4 years since your Maman married your Papa, in a beautiful civil ceremony in your ancestral village of Orbe, Switzerland. It was a wonderful day and evening, celebrated with dear friends and family (and repeated again 6 weeks later, equally as wonderful - your Maman and Papa know how to have parties :)). I couldn't celebrate this day with either of you. I was far away, at the sea. But I had the evening to myself. I sat on the sand, and I thought of you both.

I thought of you as a I watched the sea. I thought of you as I listened to the waves crashing. I thought of you in every moment. In every grain of sand.

I hope to share with you the majesty, the scenery, the beauty of the sea. And the mountains. And the desert.

Mother Nature has so much for us to share. You will share many anniversaries with Maman and Papa, and sometimes we'll celebrate them on our own, but we'll always share the thing we all love so much: Nature. And the sea.

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