Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Man!

That's her favourite phrase.

It's funny how you don't realize how much you say something, until it gets repeated by an almost 2 year old. Fortunately she wasn't saying what I thought she was saying (Oh Merde!), but she says "Oh Man!" over and over again.

She also says 'Thank you,' which is great, but she says it "OOOh! Thank you!" I never realized I did this, but Fredo claims that's how I say it to her all the time. "Here you go" is another.

Her speech is finally, really taking off now. She's been slow to say much, at least coherently, but now she's talking all the time. She certainly understands French and English. Tonight I said "Next we go to bed." She answered "No au lit!"

UPDATE: Her other favourite phrase: "Oh COOL!" I am pretty sure where that came from...she's a California girl at heart.


Elaine said...

Hi! Cherise, I hope I got this right. Love, Mom

Cherise said...

you got it right mom!

Anonymous said...

I love the innocent look in her eyes in this picture. She's just so beautiful Cherise!

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