Monday, March 09, 2009

"She misses you. You should go home to her."

Ouch. Plunge a knife into my heart.

I had to go away on Sunday to Del Rio for work. Again. I've been having to go to this border town A. Lot. Far too much.

I try to keep my trips to no more than 2 nights, 1 if I can manage, though this one is 3 nights (and really I should stay 5 but won't).

She doesn't like me leaving, which is funny because when I'm home she only wants Papa. "Mommy, I need Papa" is what I hear every day.

So, tonight, my second night away from her, I'm sitting outside a presentation (I've heard it before, but I have to be here to answer questions), and call Angelina since it's her time. I tell her all sorts of sweet things, talk about missing her, when I'll be home, etc (she asks for me, she also asks for my colleague I'm not sure it's just me she misses).

Anyway, all along there's a little girl, maybe 8 yrs old, playing nearby (we were giving the presentation at a school, parents inside, lots of kids playing outside).

After I hung up, the little girl says to me: "She misses you. You should go home."

I say "I have to stay here to work a few more days."

She says "But she misses you."

Ouch, ouch, double ouch!


Sara said...

awww, sweet of that little girl.

But though she might miss you now, that will be short term and forgotten about after you are home, whereas she has a kick-ass professional mom role model that will stay with her for a lifetime!

i cant remember what it was like to miss my dad when he was gone for work, but i am proud of him as a role model for someone with a career who was still super involved with his kids.

Cherise said...

Thanks Sara. That makes me feel a bit better. I hate being away from her. And Fredo too.

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