Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trying out her new airplane seat

Strange child.

She's always hated car seats. As an infant would scream getting into one, all the way while riding, and until she got out. As a toddler, she's accepted her fate but generally isn't much better. Then she learned to unlatch it, usually at 65MPH on I-37.

Unless it's a new car seat not actually installed in the car.
She's been sitting in this seat since it arrived on Thursday.

After fussing with her other car seat on our last airplane trip (it's narrow, but is not possible to wheel onto the plane, so carrying the seat + backpack + wild 2.5 yr old...well....), we decided to buy this folding car seat. It IS great, it folds up and can be easily carried with a strap, backpack style. I still have to carry it, but at least it's maneuverable. Well, except it's also damned heavy. We'll see next month how great it really is, but everyone who has one raves about it. I hope so, as it wasn't cheap. That said, we have yet to actually pay for a car seat since all ours have been hand me downs from Switzerland (in excellent condition)...

Oh, and she MUST have the belt latched, even though she's sitting on the floor in the house. Go figure. She'll probably refuse to latch it in the car.


Monica said...

Good to know such a thing exists! I'm thinking about getting the CARES harness for Eliot, but will take a look at these folding car seats as well.

Cherise said...

It's HEAVY. Like 20lbs. But it is much easier to maneuver. It is more narrow than most seats as well, which works fine for our super skinny kid.

It's called the Radian something or other...

Marcy said...

Ah, I see we're both fellow "lawbreakers" by having our children in European car seats. ; )

I was just shopping for a new convertible seat for D so when you mentioned this one folded up I knew exactly which one it is! lol (Sunshine Kids Radian, btw) Glad to know she likes it!

Cherise said...

As the safety standards are higher in Europe than in the US, I figure we're safe.

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