Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pool time and a sight never before seen

I had to go to a series of meetings this week out of town, so Nanny and Angelina joined me while Papa was off in DC. Lucky for Angelina, this meant lots of pool time

And even luckier for Angelina, we were less than an hour from San Antonio, so when Fredo returned on Thursday afternoon, he drove up to pick them up, getting in a little pool time himself.

As for Angelina, she'd happily turn into a raisin sitting in the water all day if I let her.

But here's what that will do:

This is the child who NEVER falls asleep. Nanny claims she's never seen Angelina with her eyes clothes or mouth shut, but now there's proof it does happen on rare occasions. We had gone to dinner - early mind you - and Angelina was not herself. Instead of trying to run around like a banshee, she just sat on my lap and talked. Before I knew it, she laid her head down on the table and well, fell asleep.

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