Sunday, September 06, 2009

A climber

Why am I showing boring video of our attic ladder in a messy dirty closet? SO you can see what Angelina climbed, all the way to the top, by herself. NOT WITH PERMISSION.

Yes, we have a climber in our midst.

Normally there's a gate across the doorway and we climb over it (and all the stuff) to get to the attic ladder. But in my 24 week-pregnant state, that was too hard, so I moved everything out so I could get to the ladder, not realizing the 3 yr old I left happily watching Dora would follow me....

I was in the attic when she started to call to me. I kept telling her to wait, I'd be down in a minute, etc. After much yelling back and forth and finally "mommy, come help me!" and I realize that voice is not nearly as far away as it should be, I look down to see her at the next to the top step. Did I say this ladder is 12 ft high?

Instead of doing the smart thing and reaching down to her, I yelled for Frederic to come help (he had been watching a movie with headphones, so missed all this). She started to climb back down, but when she saw him climbed back up. Finally I realized the safest thing to do was to reach down and help her into the attic. Thankfully, my panicked scream didn't scare her into letting go. In fact, she wasn't scared at all (except maybe when she saw Frederic and realized she did something bad). So she checked out the very messy, very hot attic, and climbed down (with Fredo close by). Hopefully she'll be uninterested in the attic from now on.

I should have known better, she tries climbing ladders all the time, but this ladder is not easy to climb. She clearly has no fear!

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