Thursday, September 03, 2009

More HeadScarves and Clones

I don't get this fascination with it was a blanket trailing behind her like Princess Diana's wedding veil.

And it's very clear whose child this is!

Nanny's visit
Despite being here a little more than 2 weeks, I neglected to take pictures. I don't know why, perhaps because Nanny was happy to pass Angelina off to me when I got home so didn't have a chance. At least that's my excuse.

So on her final day, I tried to take some pictures. Angelina very happily chose to wear her pretty white dress. Alas, she refused to smile for the camera. We tried to take some at home, no luck. FInally, at the airport we tried again. You can see the result here. She was rather cranky and not so happy Nanny was leaving, so smiling for a picture was not high on her list. Picking her nose, on the other hand....

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