Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Mommy, you have to share the baby!"

So, first question is, "How is Angelina adapting?"

She loves her baby sister/brother....first sign of confusion. She keeps calling him her "baby sister" and gets really upset when we correct her, so we just leave it at that. She says that SHE is the brother and he is the sister.

And, she loves him so much she wants to be with him ALL THE TIME. That means constantly touching, get the idea. It's sweet, but she doesn't get that he can't quite play with her yet. However,I did see her sit quietly next to him for about 10 minutes this morning. This from the child who a few days ago said when we left a book reading about 2 minutes after it started "Mommy, I can't sit still and be quiet."

And then, there's the sharing.....she doesn't seem to be jealous of him yet. No, it's mommy she wants to go away so she can have him all to herself.

Overall, she's very excited. And she did great during the delivery (more on that later). More pictures to come, so check back!

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