Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Home-Day Angelina

We had two weddings (June 26 in Switzerland and Aug 7 in San Antonio), so we get to celebrate our anniversary twice. Angelina was only born once, but she also has a second "birthday" or rather, "home day." When she was born, the doctors weren't so sure she'd even go home. It didn't take her long to prove them wrong, and 4 years ago today, at 17 days old, we brought her home

We will forever be grateful to her fabulous neonatalogist who was our biggest supporter: when the nurses insisted she bottlefeed (and not breastfeed), despite her refusing the bottle, he stepped in, wrote medical orders not only to let me breastfeed but to let me room in with her. And while some of the nursing staff (mostly fabulous, but a few really difficult ones) resisted, the doc said "Take her home!" And we did.

So July 20th is her other birthday, of sorts.

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