Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Frédéric!

That fabulous husband of mine turns 40 today. And what a way to celebrate: recovering from cancer surgery. But celebrate he will. He says he's up for a party so that's what we're doing - a big party!

Overall, he's recovering well. Sore, worn out after a couple of hours of being out and about, but generally improving. We're not sure yet about the next steps regarding chemo. There's a good possibility he won't have it, but we won't know for sure til next week. For now, he's trying to get his body back and all his insides back into place.

Happy Birthday My Love! May we celebrate 40 more!


Supote said...

Happy Birthday Frederic.. have fun celebrating.. and, looking forward to seeing you and Cherise again on your next trip to California..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... and many, many more! - Cara

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