Monday, May 28, 2007

And another new friend

Update: Angelina was rather friendly with Juan, they shared mucus :(. Little Juan had a very slight cold when he was here, so his mom, Nicole, suctioned his nose. She wiped off the suction thingy, and was holding it. Well, she must have put it down because before we realized she even had it, Angelina had picked it up, put it in her mouth and was sucking. Great way to transmit bugs - boogers! Sure enough, about 55 hours later, she had a runny nose and was coughing. :( Fortunately it didn't last long and she's fine now.

Ah, sharing boogers!

Angelina is used to being the 'baby' and the star of the show. She had to share the spotlight this weekend with little Juan Manuel, our friends' 2 month old. Angelina was quite intrigued by little Juan, but not sure he felt the same. She did really well, even though the concept of 'gentle' doesn't mean much to hear yet.

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