Thursday, May 17, 2007

The little stinkypoo

That's my new name for our little stinker. No, not because she stinks, because she's too clever for her own good (or at least ours!).

She's never been a big fan of bottles, and the only one she'd take was the Playtex "drop ins," the kind with the disposable bag. (Actually, it wasn't the bottle but the nipple that mattered). Fast forward 7 months. She takes the bottle fine, but she prefers using it as a weapon.

She grabs the bottom end, aims it around the back of the car (I usually give it to her on the drive home), squeezes the bag and squirts milk all over the back seat! The babysitter said she does that at daycare too, but she aims it around the room. It's a big game to her. She just think it's hysterical.

My kid. She won't crawl, she doesn't *quite* have the pincer grasp down and seems to be lagging a tiny bit on some motor skills. But figure out how to use her bottle to take aim and squirt everyone? Yeah, she can do that.
(not quite squirting here, I couldn't manage to get a picture of her in action)

Let's just hope she doesn't take after mommy and find a contaner of tar.

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