Monday, May 28, 2007

Angelina has a new friend

Although Chakapu isn't so sure....

Our neighbors went away for 2 weeks so we took care of their cat, Perseus. Now, we know Perceus well as this is the cat we brought home from the babysitter, then gave to the neighbors. Percy often goes outside and plays with Chakapu, he even comes in our house. Chakapu normally doesn't care. That was until she had to put up with him overnight. Chakapu was NOT happy. We awoke often to crashes in the night from two cats fighting.

Perceus, however, is excellent with kids. He's used to the two older kids (2 and 5) playing with him. Chakapu, on the other hand, had not been so interested in Angelina. So when Perceus let Angelina "pet" him (more like grab his fur) and was clearly getting lots more attention, Chakapu started coming closer to Angelina and letting Angelina grab her fur. Chakapu still isn't so sure about all this, but Perceus could care less, he was having fun with Angelina.

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Riana said...

She is just so cute! Here kitty kitty....heeeheee!

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