Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little Memory Lane....

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. And though I never was a big NYE celebrator, since I've lived in Downtown San Antonio, I kind of have to be, since we have a spectacular view of the city's fabulous fireworks display.

That means we have a party. Even if we don't plan one ;)

And that's what makes me nostalgic. I really love planning parties. I inherited that gene from both my mom and my dad, party planners extraordinaires.

Why nostalgia? Well, in every city I've lived, I've hosted parties and now I'm remembering all the fun of preparing them with roommates and friends. Oh the fun of knowing "this" dish was the favourite of one friend (baba gahnouj for Ian), while another dish was the favourite of another friend (roasted red pepper yoghurt for Jacintha). And then there are the dishes I've borrowed from friends over the years: Pate de Crab from Coralie. Artichoke dip and crab dip from Brandi. The tapenade I first made for the 98 France vs. Brazil World Cup Final. And the all time favourite California 7 layer dip that a few friends would fight over. The fiery enchiladas I made for Siew-li, Jonathan and Luis in Oxford.

I change the menu all the time, bringing in new things and keeping some old standbys. But the fun of preparing never ends, except that I miss my friends, now scattered across the globe. Fortunately, I have new friends in San Antonio, giving me the opportunity to plan another party.

So for tomorrow, we'll have:
Paté de crab w/avocado mayonnaise (homemade)
Albondigas w/garlic mayo (homemade)
Spinach + artichoke dip
Tuna stuffed jalepenos (thanks to cousin Susan!)
French herbed cheese
California 7 layer dip
crudité with Fredo's herb sauce
and a few things some friends will bring.

And don't forget the drinks:
Fredo is usually the master sangria maker, but as it's winter, we'll try something else - mulled wine and for the non-drinkers (and kids) jamaica flower water (with some rum nearby should anyone choose...)

As for Angelina, she already helped me make the hummus. And unless lightening strikes tomorrow and the world changes, she will be up until Midnight, being the life of the party. Try as we might, this child will NOT sleep if there's a party going on anywhere in the vicinity. She doesn't want to miss out. I blame Nanny and Opa for passing on THAT gene.


Monica said...

Happy New Year! 7 layer dip sounds great right now... might have to whip some up... We are doing fondue plus chocolate fondue for our celebration.

Would love your enchildada recipe!

Cherise said...

Fondue sounds great! We have to save that for a smaller group though...I made way too much food.

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