Saturday, December 13, 2008

A weekend of vaccines

Angelina finally got her flu "shot" yesterday. A bit late in the season, fortunately the flu season hasn't been too bad this year so far. It wasn't really a shot, she's old enough for the flu mist so that's what we did. Nancy, our nurse at work gave it to her and both Nancy and Angelina did great! Angelina doesn't like to be fussed with and especially has issues with anyone touching her nose, so I wasn't sure how it'd go. But she blew her nose and let Nancy squirt and we're good to go! She was just happy showing off for everyone at the office.

Next up was Chakapu. I'm a couple of months late for her annual shots, and given the rabies human post-exposure vaccine shortage (I'm vaccinated but Angelina and Fredo are not) and the fact there have been a couple of cats positive for rabies in our county, I knew I'd better not take any chances. So off we went today for her yearly pokes. Poor cat, as soon as she went into the car she started the most horrible cry and at the office she cowered in the corner. But the staff is excellent and she was done in no time. All healthy!

but now she's disappeared....she'll be back, but she's probably mad at me :(

oops, I spoke too soon. Not long after I wrote this Angelina spiked a fever. She'd been cranky all day but we just chalked that up to lack of sleep. It's likely due to the flu mist and expected, but I don't like seeing my little one feeling ill!

Sunday Update: Last night was rough. Angelina had a lot of screaming sessions and fever, but now seems ok. Chakapu is another story. I thought she was out all day, but in fact she was hiding inside. She's laying very still and quiet...I hope she's ok.


Sara said...

aw, poor Angelina and kitty :( hope they are feeling better soon. One of our cats hates the car, she cries when you put her in, the vet said its the noise/vibration from the motor.

We got our flu shots for the first time this year (after getting the flu pretty bad last year), lets hope they work!

Cherise said...

I think Chakapu just knows nothing good comes when she gets put into the carrier and into the car.

I'm not so sure the flu mist is worth it, we have such a rough night.

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