Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

I'm glad I don't have a kid who's afraid of creepy crawlies. But for the creepy crawlies' sake, I kind of wish she was.

Angelina has no fear. So this should come as no surprise. She's been helping me move the wood pile into a more orderly location (which involves her loading the wood and pushing the wheelbarrow...). In the pile I saw a little chameleon (or gecko or lizard, not really sure but it blended in perfectly into its surroundings). I pointed it out to her.

Immediately she went to PICK IT UP. Poor thing, her picking it up basically means her squishing it because she can't really get it. I managed to save it. Then she saw a bug - pretty bug, back with a red head. "OOOOH" she squeals, and tries to pick it up. This time she mashed it. I did try to explain that it's better to *look* at the bugs rather than grab them, but she didn't quite get it. We found another chameleon/lizard/gecko which she went for with gusto. I managed to save that one too (it was a different one because this one had no tail, the first did).

Then a few more bugs....

I'm glad she likes nature. Really. I just need to teach her to appreciate it without killing it.....

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