Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make Believe, or not?

Angelina has trouble with "pretend."

Now, she does seem to have quite the imagination about some things, but the concept of pretending you're playing at tea party vs. actually having tea or coffee hasn't quite sunk in.

She got a tea set for Christmas from Nana, as well as a whole box of pretend cooking stuff from her Allegrini cousins (complete with miniature boxes of dried goods, empty of course - all pretend).

First thing she did was go to the Nespresso machine (that would be our coffee) and try to fill the little toy pot with coffee. We said "No, it's for Tea." So she asked for tea. We tried to explain it was pretend, but she was having none of it, she wanted to turn the kettle on.

Frédéric and I tried to show her how to play pretend tea party.


It was the real thing or bust.

Yet, she can easily imagine Mouse wants Chocolate...and that the stuffed tiger is actually Baby Jaguar from Dora's Animal Adventures.

But no liquid in a tea pot and pretend it's tea? No way.

And I think I already mentioned how she had to take ALL the pieces of this tea set to bed with her that night....

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