Sunday, February 01, 2009

About that Spirit

I can't complain about it, since it was no doubt all these "spirited" traits that pulled her through her first NICU days when they didn't think she'd survive.

And it comes through in so many fun ways:

Fun with toilet paper:
She had already used a roll running around the house before I'd realized what she was doing...fortunately it wasn't wasted (and I did put a stop to it, but had to get a picture first - she was just having too much fun).

Yay! Papa's Home

After a few days of saying "Maman, I want to go to France and see Papa!" the only way to get her to nap Saturday was to tell her Papa would be here when she woke up, and that he couldn't come until after she went to sleep. Fortunately his flight was on time and when she awoke, there he was! You've never seen a kid so happy! video


Anonymous said...

Hello Cherise!
It's a real pleasure to see the Angelina'movies...
You are so far away... I miss you so much...
To kiss Angelina and to speak with her and you...
Big kisses.
Sophie your sister-in-law...

Cherise said...

So nice of you to "visit" Sophie! I'm glad you enjoy seeing these pictures. Hopefully we'll see you all soon in Switzerland!

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