Saturday, February 14, 2009


You can take the child out of Switzerland, but can you take a Swiss's love of Chocolate out of them? Apparently not.

This afternoon Angelina wasn't agreeing to her nap (so what is new). After some debate (a few times to bed), I put her in the bed and said she couldn't come out until I came to get her.

I went outside to work.

30 minutes or so later I decided to check on her. I quietly open the door to hear a very sweet, somewhat sad and scared "Mommy?" I walk over to her. "Mommy, I made a mess."

Mess indeed. (which, by the way, is her favourite phrase) She had a chocolate ball (she'd had it earlier, wrapped in a cool globe-like paper, she didn't know it was chocolate, she thought it was just a ball). In her hot little hands it melted....

all over her face, her clothes, her hands, the bed......

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