Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Style All Her Own

Earlier Saturday (before Papa came home) we decided to go to Bubblehead to see Melody (the owners' 5 month old daughter whom Angelina loves). She was ready to go, but HAD to wear a dress. I obliged, even though she was wearing almost hiking shoes, green socks, and purple leggings... She put it on and was twirling around saying "Look mommy! I'm wearing a dress!" while lifting up the skirt.

We saw Lucien (and his mom and dad) at Bubblehead, which was tons of fun for her.

She slept in that dress too. We finally managed to pry it off her this morning.

But then...

It was kind of chilly, and she'd picked out her purple stockings to wear. However when Fredo put on a sweatshirt she freaked, would not wear it. I managed to get her into a T-shirt. Ok, but it was cold. Apparently she has this inner oven which keeps her warm. She never wants a sweater. Over the course of the next 30 minutes she changed to a sleeveless dress to this sundress. She wanted to put on her swimming stuff but we managed to stop here she is, purple cotton winter stockings and summer dress....good thing it was warm by mid-morning.

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Monica said...

She's just too freaking cute.

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