Monday, February 02, 2009


I guess she's really a girl.

She hasn't worn dresses much lately since we don't have any "winter" dresses, only sun dresses and as she doesn't normally like stockings, I haven't bothered to get her any.

She had other things in mind though. From Saturday where she HAD to wear the black felt/white taffeta dress to Bubblehead, along with the green socks and purple flowered tights. Then squealed "Look Maman! I'm wearing a DRESS!"

To Sunday when she insisted on wearing her favourite multi-colored dress with stockings (and later sweats). We've gotten A LOT of life out of this dress. Given to us by our neighbor, Felice, it's size 18 months but she's been wearing it since before she turned 1 and still wears it now at 2.5. It seems to grow with her.

To Monday when getting ready for daycare we put on her thick brown woolly sweatpant type pants because a cold front swooped in over night. She insisted on wearing a dress. I finally agreed as long as she wore a sweater over it....

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