Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some kids sleep with stuffed animals

Ours sleeps with other things..... That's the stand on which we place the fondue pot. For some reason, she got rather attached to it the other night. She put a necklace on it which she had received at a birthday party, and kept carrying it around calling it her "birthday."

Then she insisted on sleeping with it. Yes. SLEEPING. She took it to bed with her and had it beside her until she fell asleep.

Another night it was rocks.

She has two caillou (rocks/stones) that are her favourite for some reason. She hadn't played with them much recently, but out of the blue, as she was going to bed, she said "Maman! Caillou" Huh? (I thought she wanted to watch the PBS TV show "Caillou") "ROCKS!Maman!" So I brought her one of the rocks. "Other rock Maman!" So I brought her the other. "Thank you!" she took them, held them close to her, and promptly fell asleep.

Strange child.

(now, she does also sleep with Mouse, Tiger, and Baby Jaguar, but many nights there's at least one additional less cuddly item...)


Trudi said...

Maybe it's a good sign that she doesn't distinguish between stereotypical "cuddly" things, fondue stands and rocks. She's egalitarian! An ambassador for the inanimate and unpopular. Everyone/thing deserves a chance to sleep in a nice soft bed :)

Cherise said...

LOL! That's one way to look at it. You're very diplomatic. I'd say it's just weird.

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