Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Day at the Park

After multiple freezes and lots and lots of rain, a sunny day meant a trip to Nature. So we headed to Guadalupe State Park. It was a bit chilly when the wind blew, but that didn't stop Angelina....

She had a blast skipping stones with Papa while Lenaïc slept happily against Mommy's chest in the ergo carrier. That's another problem...he sleeps so wonderfully in the carrier, that if we're out and about all day, he sleeps ALL DAY. Which means nighttime is party time.

Anyway, back to the park. It was a gorgeous day but as we were getting ready to leave, Angelina made some new friends. A father and his two young daughters eager for a new playmate. So we stayed another hour, "hiking." The older sister and Angelina were our guides, leading us through mud puddles. They had fun though.

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