Monday, January 18, 2010

First Day of School! First Day of School!

If you've seen Finding Nemo, picture Nemo's first lines....(ok, so we've seen it about 5 billion times in the last few weeks).

Angelina started preschool last week. It's really a daycare that's a "learning center," since the Circle School, where we really want to send her, doesn't have space. That's ok, we like this other place too, and they'll also take the baby when I go back to work.

We had been disappointed to lose our daycare and not have dear Nana anymore, but Angelina is not at all bothered it seems (she does say she wants to take the baby to see Nana, but that's all). She is soooooooo excited about school! She could not wait to go to school. She has had her backpack on and ready to go for weeks! So we finally started her last week, just 2 days per week. Both mornings she practically ran out the door and she comes home all bouncing and happy. I hope she always loves school so much!

The next trick is finding a school bus. She has had this fascination with school buses for awhile (she says it in French - bus d'ecole...then said "bus school", now she says "school bussy"). Every time we see one she screams with delight, and constantly talks about going on one. Alas, she doesn't ride one to school. So now we're on the hunt for some school bus excursion. I think a plane ride was actually easier ;)

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