Friday, January 22, 2010

Enchanted Rock

Maybe not my best idea ever.

Angelina does best when I get her out of the house for a bit in the morning. Then, my previous non-sleeper (she hadn't napped for us in 2 years), is generally ready for a nap of say 2-3 hours (only since Lenaïc was born). Nanny is here visiting, and she always likes hikes. So I figure, why not go to Enchanted Rock? It's only about 1.5 hours from here, and we don't have to hike to the top, can just wander around the bottom. Angelina loves hiking/nature. And we can go to Fredericksburg for lunch and maybe wander a bit there. Then head home at nap time, providing a car ride nap for both kids.

Great idea!

Except, best laid plans and all that....we started the morning opening a gift from a dear friend in CA. Legos. VERY SMALL PIECES and tons of them. Wonderful gift, but Angelina would not budge until we had built at least two of the trucks (dump truck and bulldozer). That, getting kids ready, nursing, getting me ready, nursing some more....we didn't get out of the house til almost 11. So much for the morning hike.

So we started off with lunch in Fredericksburg with a hungry and tired Angelina (i.e. cranky). Survived that. I almost gave up and drove home, given the nap and all, but decided no, we said Enchanted Rock and MUST do it. And it was a gorgeous day.

So off we go. 75 yr old Nanny with a sore foot, 3 yr old wild child, and 6 week old baby in my ergo carrier.

Despite all my efforts, Angelina would NOT be deterred from summiting the Rock. It's not the easiest climb - sheer rock face at some points. Totally walkable, but for a 3 yr old? And a mom with a baby? She kept running up ahead of me, as I was trying to stay slow to make sure Nanny was doing ok. Finally, Nanny called it quits and took a break mid-way. And off goes Angelina, just as it gets steeper. And windier. Did I say she's only 32lbs? The wind was very strong. She was doing fine, I was starting to get scared. I could hike fine, even with baby, but I couldn't chase Angelina and if she fell and slipped down.....

Well, she didn't fall and slip down. She forged on to the top, all the while going on about Enchanted Rock and "I MUST go to the top. I HAVE TO!" We make it, spend five minutes, the wind kicks up so high she has to grab my leg to hold on.

And she says "Mommy! I don't like Enchanted Rock! I want to go down!" Finally. Is it bad I'm glad she finally got scared?

This time, she's willing to hold my hand the whole way, as I gently lead her down a very steep least it's steep when you have a baby on your chest and a 3 yr old at your side, ready to blow over in the next gust of wind.

We meet back with Nanny, make our way back down to the very bottom. Angelina turns around. "I want to go UP Enchanted Rock."

um, kid, you already did!!! She has a short memory.

As for Lenaïc, he slept in his carrier the whole time. Gotta love the ergo! He woke just as we got to the bottom and nursed. And nursed. ANd nursed some more.

By now it's almost 5pm. We head off. He starts screaming....he's hungry again. We make it to F'burg. Stop, nurse some more while Angelina and Nanny go exploring. Head off. More hunger screams. Make it to the highway (now 6pm). Stop at a gas station/McD's, nurse some more...finally head off at 7pm. more screaming. This time I don't stop and we push on home. Arrive at 8pm, more nursing. Little guy was hungry after all that hiking I guess. So much for making it home by 3pm and heading to Friendly Spot (my original plan), which has it's own little climbing wall....

(I try my best, but taking pictures in the blowing wind, with a baby on your chest and trying to stand still...not so easy)

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