Monday, April 26, 2010

Fiesta Fun

And so ends the 10 day extravaganza that is Fiesta San Antonio. I confess we do comparatively little for Fiesta, but we're still worn out...

For the first time I took Angelina and her "sister" Felice to the Charreada, or Mexican rodeo. We didn't see much of the actual rodeo, but we did see the ladies in pretty dresses with horses "dancing."

And there was the King William Fair. This is an event in which all of Southtown participates. The parade is the best, in my opinion - it's everything goes, from kids in flower costumes to men in drag to everything in between.

This year's Southtown Kids in the Hood float was "Green Gets Down with Southtown" and was all about recycling.

The best part was probably the Float Decorating party at Friendly Spot

Because the next morning all the kids were exhausted.... Still, the parade was fabulous!

More Fiesta pictures HERE

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