Tuesday, April 27, 2010

School Fiesta Parade

Not to be outdone by the Battle of Flowers, Flambeau or King William Parades, Angelina and Lenaïc's school also had a Fiesta Parade.

Each class dressed in different themes. The infants were the "T-birds and Pink Ladies." Angelina's class weren't meant to be hippies, but that's how she looked ;) The classes then walked the parade route and ended up with a big picnic. It was our first school event. Lots of fun for all!

Lenaïc, however, was more interested in a nap...

More Fiesta photos are HERE


gloria p said...

Fiesta and the school celebration sound like fun. Doesn't San Antonio celebrate Cinco de Mayo? It's a pretty big thing in Denver in the Hispanic community (and in the bars all over town--any excuse!)

Cherise said...

Gloria, San Antonio is known as the "City of Fiestas" - they have some major celebration every month. THE Fiesta itself is a celebration of the Battle of San Jacinto for Texas independence from Mexico and is a major holiday here. All the other fiestas are 1-2 day events.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated - why not?! but it's not as big as Fiesta. And it's funny because it's celebrated more in the US than in Mexico, except in Pueblo.

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