Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is this the same baby?

That's what the pediatrician said when she saw his weight at his 4 month appointment. Yes, he's already 4 months old!

At 48 hours old he was jaundiced and still losing weight.

At 3 weeks old he'd only just regained his birth weight (hope is to regain by 2 weeks). The pediatrician was concerned and we had to go in for multiple weight checks in the first few weeks, and continue breastfeeding on demand. He seemed to catch up, despite some food sensitivity issues: he can't tolerate dairy proteins (even hidden dairy. Do you know how many foods contain dairy in some form? just about ALL!), soy, and it looks like eggs. If I have any of those, it goes into the breastmilk and he gets green mucousy poops, stuffy nose with trouble breathing well, and painful gas as well as a small rash. It takes a couple of weeks to clear it all from his system, but once it does, all is well and normal. Obviously, it's not hurting his weight gain.

As of 9 April 2010:
15.6lbs (7.1kg) 75th%
24 inches (61 cm) 10th%

We call him the "Happy Buddha."

(which also means he appears to have my body so far - short and stocky)


Gloria p said...

He looks SO happy! You must be doing a lot of things right.

Cherise said...

Thanks Gloria. He's definitely a happy baby!

Anonymous said...

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