Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quotable Quotes

"Mommy, can I have salsa? It has to be hot." (says the girl who lives on plain pasta with cheese.)
"I want to breathe fire!"
and she ate it, with crackers and lots of water..

No, this is not an announcement.
Angelina "Mommy, do you think it's a sister?"
Me "HUH?"
A: "The baby in your belly, is it a baby sister? You have a big belly." (as she pats my belly)
Me: "No, sweetie, there's no baby in my belly, that's just fat."
A: "Well, you and Papa need to get working on it."

Having made some art project, Angelina presents it to Papa.
Frederic: "What is it?"
Angelina: "I don't know, but would you mind liking it?"

Angelina: "Can we paint the house today?"
Me: "You can paint your play house."
Angelina: "No, that's already pretty. We have to paint the big house. It needs to have a rainbow painted on to make it beautiful."
Think the historic commission will ok a rainbow? This is Lavaca afterall...

A: "We need to buy Papa a race car so he can drive really fast."
Me: "Who's going to buy it."
A: "Us."
Me "Who has the money for it?"
A: "I know! We can ask Maya. She has lots of money!" (Maya is one of her friends. Later she mentioned something about lots of coins, guessing Maya has a piggy bank?)

‎6PM. Angelina, lips blue and shivering from being in the pool for the better part of 4 hours, "Mommy, after I take a bath [chattering teeth], can I go back in the pool?" Yes, she's my kid.

Angelina: "It hasn't rained in a loooong time. The water machine must be broken."

Daylight Savings Time! Angelina: "The sun is not down, it isn't night time yet."

Angelina "So when are we going to get a puppy?"
Me "Puppies are a lot of work. We have to walk it, and we have to train it to go poop outside, then pick up the poop."
Angelina "I know an idea! Chakapu [our cat] can help! the puppy can use the kitty potty [litter box]! Chakapu would be really happy to help the puppy!"

"I want a new book. It's called 'Mommy Turns Into a Monster.'"

"Mommy, today I'm going to be good and sweet."

"Guess what Mommy! Switzerland is out of chocolate...do you know why? Because I ate it all!"

"Mommy, for my birthday, I want a surprise party! Can you plan a surprise for me? And I want a big cake, and Zoe (her friend) will be inside, and then come out and everyone will say 'SURPRISE!'"

"I want to be a global Traveler. I want to save the world!"
"Est-ce que you have the poi'eau?"
"I want to be a clown." Then a few days later, "I want to be a clown so I can be in the circus!"

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