Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cancer Free!

It's official.

Frédéric had his first post-op blood work and CT scan. AFP normal! CT scan, normal!
If the lymph node dissection hadn't removed all the cancer, his blood markers would be increasing by now. They're not, so his testicular cancer is gone. The CT scan results also suggest the kidney cancer is gone.

Of course he'll have to continue close surveillance (blood work every 6 weeks, CT scan in 6 months - will probably be chest x-ray then CT scan of other regions). Having had it once, he's at increased risk to have it again. But at this time, it looks like the decision NOT to do chemo was the right one (thanks Dr. Einhorn at Indiana Univeristy!)

On the recovery front, he's pretty much back to normal too. He got an infection in the incision which was pretty painful and yucky for awhile, but that was resolved with oral antibiotics (thankfully! was worried for awhile it'd required IV/hospital). He's been cycling with us, building a fence, playing in the pool. All things a summer should be!

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Jan-Albert said...

I'm SO happy and greatful for you guys with this good news. May God continue to bless you!

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