Thursday, July 13, 2006

10 Days Old, 13 July. Sleeping Peacefully

because she doesn't always sleep peacefully....that star-thing is a kind of weight to hold her in place a bit - she wiggles too much and tries to tear out her tubes. The pacifier, as much as I hate them, is useful when she feeds so she can associate sucking with food. After a week with tubes down her throat, she has a bit of an oral aversion we're trying to overcome.

Angelina Update 13 July 06
I just wanted to update you on Angelina's progress. She's now 10 days
old, and showing a strength of spirit one can hardly imagine.

On Monday evening she was extubated and has been breathing completely on
her own. We finally got to hear her cry, and though surely that sound
won't always be so beautiful, it was the most beautiful sound in the
world Monday night. On Tuesday we were able to hold her for the first
time. As of Wednesday she's still got an IV, her feeding tube and the
nasal tubes for regulating flow, although that should be removed soon.
Her chest xrays show her lungs are not totally in the clear, but are
improving every day. She's being fed almost entirely breastmilk now
through the NG tube, so the IV should come out soon. She's graduated
from the 'sickest baby' position to the 'almost out the door' position
in the NICU. On Monday her doctor told us to plan for her to be there
another 2 weeks still, but we're crossing our fingers for sooner. She's
very alert and active. She recognizes our voices, and responds to our
touch and movement. She is strong too - she managed to push herself up!

As for us we're exhausted but doing well. Frederic goes in every morning
at 5am, for his special daddy time, while I stay home and pump. Then we
head in the afternoon for a few hours and again in the evening. It's
tiring but worth every second we spend with her. I guess our lives
really did change, but not how everyone expected....that's ok, she's
giving us her first challenge.

Thanks to all for your words, thoughts and prayers. They have
surely helped.

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