Friday, July 14, 2006

Learning to feed, 14 July 06: 11 days old

That's breastmilk in there, but she has to learn to take it by bottle for awhile so they can measure how much she takes before she can be trusted to go solely to breast. She managed 20mls in her first two feedings (out of a total 60 mls), so that's a start. She starts off ok, but gets lazy. No wonder, she had tubes stuck down her throat for a week, she doesn't really like things in her mouth now. But we're working at it.

And giving up after 20 mls and going to the NG feed for the rest. At least she gets used to being next to mommy.

Her Papa has a fascination with her big feet!

Not so sure she's happy about being all bundled up, but it prevents her from ripping out her tubes.

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