Saturday, July 15, 2006

Look! No Tubes!!! 15 July 06

Ok, so it was only temporary. She pulled out the nasal canula and the feeding tube, and the nurse noticed her saturation levels were looking even better (consistently 100), so left it out til we came in so we could finally see her face! She checked with the Nurse Practitioner though, who agreed she was doing ok but said to put it back in, but bring the pressure down to 1L (it had been at 3L in the am, brought to 2L in the afternoon, 1L is basically nothing) for one more day. So today it may be removed entirely! She still needs the feeding tube though, as she hasn't quite got the knack of feeding. She again managed a quick 10mls, so she *can* suck, but she doesn't seem to get past that easily. With effort from myself and the nurse, we got her to take in ~33mls at the evening feed, so there's progress. I'll try nursing her a bit as well, maybe that will encourage her (tho they're still insistent we can't rely on that entirely yet because they need to make sure she's taking something in). It's frustrating as that is basically all that will keep her there longer, otherwise she's nearly good to go.

I think that's a smile!

The hat is a gift from our friend Sara in Geneva/France (she lives in France and works in Geneva). It was one of her first knitting projects and looks perfect.

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