Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Almost wireless!

Just a quickie update. Fredo has loads more photos but hasn't gotten them to me yet. I've been staying at the hospital all day and will be sleeping there tonight with Angelina. She's got ALL her tubes out now, for good! only thing left is the heart/breathing monitor. I can't wait til she's fully wireless. We're just trying to get her feeding well - she's breastfeeding better now, which is why I'm staying there so I can feed on demand. Doc agreed that the nurses' 3hr schedule wasn't working for her. But she's not taking enough (she latches well, but about 50% of the time gives up after a few minutes, the other 50% she stays on and does well for 15 min, so she *can* do it), so I'm adding in some breastmilk via syringe to make sure she gets sufficient amounts. Doc says we just need her feeding enough to send her home, then we can watch her closely. We're hoping the going home day will be Friday, cross your fingers!

Her lungs are as good as they're going to get for now. It'll take awhile for them to fully heal, but she's breathing fine and is alert and active as ever.

Pictures to come soon!

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