Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Breastfeeding is good for baby's health

Unfortunately that doesn't hold true for mommy!

Angelina has had a couple of minor colds, and one that was a little bit worse, but generally she's been super healthy. She seemed to come through RSV season, Rotavirus season, and the big outbreak of norovirus we had unscathed (give me some wood to knock on). Me, on the other hand..... I have had a cold with mild flu symptoms (aches, chills, occasional fever) every 2 weeks since, well since Angelina went to daycare. I finally went to see a doctor as I was concerned I had an ear infection -(ears were hurting like hell). No ear infection, which is good, except, what the heck is wrong with me? I thought maybe allergies, but with the aches, chills, and super swollen lymph nodes, seems more like an infection. Why can't I fight it off? I get better after one week, only to get slammed again the following week.

What makes it more fun is I'm still giving talks all over the city about how to prevent flu, as I hack away coughing and speak through a stuffy nose....and tell people they should stay home from work when they're sick. At least I can demonstrate how to cough 'properly' (use your arm to cover your mouth, not your hand!)

The doctor concurred with my assessment - breastfeeding has probably kept Angelina healthy, but she's taking all MY antibodies! Oh well, this will be one of the many mommy martyr moments I can use on her later when other guilt isn't working ;-) (just kidding! I promise not to guilt my kid....)


Emily said...

I swear Micah gets little bugs from daycare and nursery, incubates them for a few days, and then passes them on to DH and me when they're full-fledged plagues. We feel like we're dying, and he barely registers them. :P

Cherise said...

So I'm not alone! This coughing is making me insane.

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