Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dr. Jekell and Little Miss Hyde

That is our "Angel"

Saturday I decided to paint the entryway beadboard that's chipping lead paint (see
The Money Pit for more on THAT). Of course I couldn't do it with Angelina in the house, so our good friends Ann and Garth agreed to babysit. Angelina does fine with the babysitter, but lately she's had some stranger anxiety.
Though she knows Ann
and Garth, we don't see them as often as we'd like, so I was concerned she might not remember them. She is also back to not eating a whole lot from the bottle. On top of that I was 2 hours later than expected (figures...).So I was a little concerned she'd be screaming and hungry.

Nope! Unless they're only pretending she was an Angel.... they said she was Perfect! She napped 2x, 2 hours each. She didn't eat much but was happy as can be, played, smiled, no fuss.

I nursed her when I got there, she was fine. We get her home, she's cranky. Once it's bed time, try to put her to sleep. nope! Finally she goes out, only to wake an hour later. AND EVERY HOUR AFTER until 6am (or 7am if you changed your clocks) when I finally got up out of bed with her to just start the day. She wasn't horrible, but she was clearly tired. So by 9am with her rubbing her eyes, I try the nap thing - figuring she did 2 hrs yesterday, she really NEEDS that now. So does mommy. Does she nap? Noooooo. She's as wired as can be. We give up. Finally at 2:30pm she decides to nap for all of one hour. Why won't this kid sleep????

I confess I'm partly to blame...I had a coffee Saturday morning. I was so tired (the lack of sleep has been a common theme), and I figured I wouldn't be nursing her all day anyway, the caffeine would go out of my system. But I forgot my pump, and anyway didn't have time to pump due to the painting. I did try the manual pump a few times quickly, but obviously not enough. But she never naps for us, so it's not just the coffee. What trick does everyone else have that we don't have?!

For now, though, I guess I shouldn't complain so much. Since Ann and Garth think she's such an Angel, they've offered to babysit again.

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MadameK said...

I can hardly believe how big she's gotten! Double wow! And such a happy camper. And Mamma looks great too!

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