Thursday, March 22, 2007

One door closes, a better one opens

At least that is what Fredo always says. He's usually right.

Last month our daycare provider told us her husband, and thus the whole family, was getting shipped off to Hawaii. I was so worried. The first 10 daycares I called either had just filled their infant spot, didn't take infants or had recently closed. I asked anyone and everyone. It's hard to find an infant place because there are strict rules on how many a daycare can take, and if they take infants have to have fewer older kids. I did find two centers that had one spot, but after visiting both, realized I much preferred the in-home setting.

So we finally found someone, off base but near it, who had a space. Actually, she wasn't looking to fill it, but some of her older kids were heading off to pre-K soon and she was going to start looking then, but said she'd take us earlier. So we went to meet her and were thrilled! Great house, really well laid out for kids. She's very focused on child development (as opposed to just providing oversight), so works with the kids a lot. You can easily tell how much she enjoys kids. Angelina took to her right away. We did a trial run of one hour last week and while Angelina was a bit nervous at first, she was happy as can be when I returned an hour later.

So next week we start there full time. I have a good feeling about it. I hope Angelina is happy there! To top it off, the babysitter speaks Spanish, so we told her to go ahead and speak Spanish to Angelina. Now she'll be trilingual!

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