Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Birthday Girl!

Angelina gets what seems like a week of parties....

She first had presents with us in the morning.

Then a little party at daycare.
Then a cake and celebration with Maman and Papa in the evening.

July 4 a BBQ at Ann and Garth's, which wasn't in her honor but she manages to be the star anyway (and she did open one present there from Kurt and Cory).

Then on July 5 (which happens to be Grace in Dublin's birthday!) she had her very own big special party. She had So Much Fun. I don't think she realized everyone was there in her honor. The kids all played in the kiddie pool, and then the bigger ones in the Dunk Tank (thanks Rick & Angela). Angelina LOVED this thing. No she didn't sit and get dunked. She's too small to even go in, but she insisted and being her birthday party I gave in. We had to hold her to the side as she was trying to swim around....she thinks she's a fish!

We had a piñata (is that Oscar the Grouch or the Cookie Monster?) which was so big I just had to fill it with tons of candy. It was so heavy Fredo worried the branch would snap.

And of course, singing Happy Birthday. It was at this point when she realized she really was the Star. All the attention was on her, and she was just amazed. I can't fully express how incredible she looked when she realized everyone was singing for her. Her eyes lit up even more than usual and she was so happy!

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