Monday, July 07, 2008

She's Definitely Swiss

Little Miss Chocolate!

I sometimes think my in-laws are testing my mothering abilities (just kidding Marcel!)

GranPapa Marcel very kindly sent Angelina a great boat for her birthday. As she loves water, and anything to put in water, she was very very excited to see it."Oh COOL!" she says. But it was heavy. It wasn't obvious to me there was something in it, or even that it opened, but it was to her. "Open! Open!" she said. So I picked it up and studied it and finally figured out how to open it. Inside? CHOCOLATE. Lots of it. She immediately grabs as much as she can and tries to hide it from me. I manage to get all but one piece away, which she shoves in her mouth.

She was happy enough while she ate it. Then it was gone and she wanted more. MORE MORE MORE!!!! Welcome Terrible Twos Tantrum. Maman had to be tough. No more chocolate, no matter how much she screamed. Of course Fredo isn't here so lucky me I get to deal with it. I managed to hide it, and eventually, after more screaming, she forgot about it. Or so I thought. She happily played for 20 mins, sweet as can be, only to try to sneak more chocolate again.....

She said "Merci GranPapa!"

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