Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Remain seated until Maman has turned off the seatbelt sign"

"Do NOT. I mean NOT take that seatbelt off!"

Heard by Maman and sometimes Papa when driving 70mph down the freeway....

We have two carseats which apparently aren't childproof. I asked folks about a car seat that a 2 year old could not unlatch, and they said ours must be faulty, because no 2 year old can unlatch a car seat. Wrong. They're both highly rated safety-wise in Europe (which has more stringent standards than the US).

They're great seats.

Except Angelina can unlatch them. I thought we'd finally gotten her to stop, although she's like an airline passenger when a plane lands, the wheels barely touch ground and the seatbelts pop off. With Angelina, I just barely come to a stop - car is still running but we're in front of the house - and off comes the belt. I could handle that, except that today she yet again took off the seatbelt in a massive rain storm while on the freeway...


Marcy said...

Eek... is there something you could fasten over the latch to make it harder to undo?

Anonymous said...

My sister had this problem with one of her children. While the kid was in the car my sister went and called a police man over to the car (it's a small town so she knew the guy). The policeman came to the car and explained to the child why it was so important to keep her seatbelt on and how it was "the law". She never took it off again! I don't know if Angelina understands police officers or "the law" but maybe this tactic could work?

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