Sunday, July 13, 2008

A wet weekend

No, it didn't rain again. Angelina spent the weekend all wet. On Saturday we walked to Main Plaza, where they were doing a puppet show. Angelina loved it! She couldn't follow it, but she loved seeing the puppets and kept saying "Look Wiley!" (our neighbor Wiley was sitting next to her).

Then the fountains...Main Plaza has just been redone with lots of fountains, which just welcomes kids. Angelina had tons of fun with Wiley and Felice playing in the water (and ripping off all her clothes....I told Fredo just to say we're European).

Sunday was a work day for Maman, so she joined in for awhile -. Finally she can stop trying to use MY wheelbarrow now she has her own. Best 99 cents we've ever spent (Goodwill)!

Then it was pool time - you'd think she was ready for the beach!

After a break and a nap, Wiley and Felice came over and it was pool time again. It's so fun to watch them.

Wiley is basically like a big brother to Angelina - I think sometimes it's easier when it's not your real sister :) He's so great with her, and she does EVERYTHING he does! I wonder how long before that starts to drive him crazy?

That's her in the back, hiding with Wiley while Felice poses for us.

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