Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's weird how things hit you

I've been living and breathing Gustav then Ike lately, as part of my job with the state government. For the most part, it's interesting. Not quite exciting anymore - too many times doing this now to be exciting - but it's still all fascinating to see this huge response in action.

Ike has been tricky, he keeps changing course and we keep chasing him, trying to evacuate people out of harms way. Normally you have a few days, but those we evacuated a day ago are now headed back while we evacuate another area. San Antonio looks to be out of harm's way now, but the same region that got evacuated for Gustav is now facing down Ike with less than 24 hours warning.

But what got to me, what really hit me, was the evacuation of the NICU in Galveston to SA. I wasn't involved directly in that evacuation, and had a lot of other issues to attend to, I just heard it going on here and there, but it brought me back to 2 years ago. Watching Angelina in NICU, staying by her side as she fought for her life, I just can't even imagine how it'd be if we'd had to evacuate, if she had to go on an ambulance or a plane to be transported far away. It's for their safety, and it's a good thing, I just can't imagine how hard it must be for those parents right now.

On the positive side, everyone in this state is working very very hard to make sure no lives are lost to Ike, well, at least not here.

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