Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Sign of Brilliance or Just Obstinance?

In an effort to make me feel better (or maybe everyone really believes this), Angelina is brilliant. BRILLIANT! A regular Einstein.

That's the way to explain her, um, strong character.

Of course I convince myself of that. But why is it that strong character only comes through with Papa and Maman? Not with Nana (the babysitter)? And well, she's kind of, sort of,maybe a little bit, just like me at that age....and I can't claim to be brilliant.

She is an angel. AN ANGEL! at daycare. Her babysitter has only had to scold her 2x in the almost 1.5 years she's been there. TWO TIMES! With us? it's "Angelina STOP." STOP!" I SAID STOP RIGHT NOW!" "arrêt!" "ARRêT!" "ARRêT!"

And does she stop what she's doing? Hah! She turns to look at us with this devilish smile and continues on. I'm torn between laughing and crying. Except when it's dangerous.

In parking lots she KNOWS she has to hold my hand. What does she do? She darts away faster than I can respond. It's a slow area, no cars. But of course she takes off when a car is approaching, and she's beside a parked large truck, so the little car moving can't see her. I freeze. If I chase her, she runs faster, into the path of the oncoming car. So we have a 1 minute staring match, my only means to keep her still while the car passes. How many more grey hairs that day?!

I'm beginning to think those kid leashes, er, child safety harness aren't such a bad idea afterall.

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