Saturday, September 06, 2008

"No Singing, No Dancing, No Laughing, Nor Cries

The house becomes quiet when Angelina, er, Cherise shuts her eyes...."

Those of you who know my oldest brother Tim's Night Before Christmas at the Rohr's poem, know this phrase well. I will admit it was pretty accurate. It appears the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Angelina LOVES to dance. I mean LOVES it. Music is on (or even if it's not) and she's boogie-ing. Her dance still used to be shaking her head (kind of like Mommy's 80s headbanger dancing?). Now it consists of twirling in circles.

And there's the Singing. And the Laughing.
Oh, and don't forget the Crying*....Really. She does that too.

She LOOKS like all her genes came from her Papa, but when you see her in action, you know she has SOME of my genes.

Unfortunately for me.

Karma, ya know.....

But she's not a carbon copy, she's her own unique person.

*there's a picture of me about Angelina's age with my brother Chris (6 years older) in our old kitchen on Big Dalton. I am screaming my head off and he's just staring at me. I am sure he's responsible for making me cry. Everytime Angelina gets into her full throttle cry I think of that picture, because though she looks like Fredo 99% of the time, that look when she's screaming is all me.


I am learning to be proud that she has inherited her 'spiritedness' from me.

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