Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthing Options

No, #2 is not on the way, but here's a pretty balanced article about birthing options

In my next life I may become a doula and lactation consultant. Fredo once asked if I'd thought about being a midwife, but that's too much work! I prefer birth coach.


misschris said...

Great article thanks for sharing. I really want to see the movie they talked about, The Business of Being Born. There are a few snippets of it on You Tube but I'd love to see the whole thing.

Cherise said...

It's excellent and well worth watching. It's fairly balanced - definitely a bias but not anti-hospital either.

Monica said...

I will be checking this out as soon as I'm home on my own computer. Looks good! We are in CA until Dec 14th.

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