Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOM! MOM!...Mommy's Here! Mommy's here!!!

A little confused? Nah, she's just accepted that other women are called "mom."

I noted before how she called our neighbor Angela "Mommy" and then was confused. Now she doesn't seem to care. Or rather, she just calls her "Mom," since that's what Wiley calls her. So yesterday I went to get her after playing there for awhile (she thinks she lives there too and just wanders in...) she shouted to Angela, "Mom! Mom! Mommy's here!"

I thought it might bother me, having my child call someone else "mom", but turns out it doesn't. In fact, I kind of like it. It makes me think she sees Angela as close enough to call by a familiar name, and that's a good thing - especially when there are times when we have to turn to them for emergencies (like last January when I had emergency surgery). As it is, she thinks Wiley and Felice are her siblings.

On a related note, Saturday Angelina was outside playing on the steps when I heard her yell "Oh! Thank you!" I looked out to see her running over to the fence where our neighbor Fredo (yes, another Fredo) was lifting a little tricycle over the fence. Funny thing is he didn't call out to her and say it was for her, she just knew it was :) At least she was polite and said "Thank you!" right away. Fredo and Gloria saw it at a garage sale, thought of Angelina and bought it. They cleaned it up so it's like new.

What's just amazing is that though we have no family locally, we have so many people in our lives who see Angelina (and us) as part of their own extended family. So we feel like we have family around, but without the baggage ;)


Marcy said...

Yay for friends and a sense of community. =)

misschris said...

Oh I wish we had that here! We had that at our old house before moving to Mexico. It made everything so much nicer.

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