Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A weekend of fun!

Angelina got to meet more family. On Friday night, Annie (Aunt Helen Ann) called to say she was driving from Florida to Arizona and could she stop in San Antonio for a bit? Sure! As far as Angelina is concerned, that means a whole new audience! As usual, she was in good form (Angelina AND Annie), at least most of the time (Angelina that is).

However, she couldn't quite figure out that "Annie" was not "Nanny", so that's Annie's new name :Nanny. She still knows the 'real' Nanny in California, but just like "Mommy", there can be more than one "Nanny!"

We took a tour of the Alamo, Menger, and Riverwalk downtown, then showed her where we got married at Mission San Jose.

Angelina had fun playing photographer. For her artistic impressions, click here

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