Friday, October 10, 2008


Just for the record, Fredo is called "Papa," not "Daddy," so there's no confusion. "Daddy" is Rick's name. Rick, our next door neighbor, aka Wiley and Felice's Daddy. I guess she figures his name is Daddy since that's what they call him, so Daddy it is. It is too sweet. I think Rick likes it too :)

However, he may not be alone. The other day at Bubblehead, she was happily playing with Albert, one of the owners and a new Dad himself. Just as we were leaving she said "Bye Daddy!" I think he almost shed a tear.

As for Mommy - I am both "Mommy" and "Maman." I think I heard her call Angela (Wiley and Felice's Mommy) "Mommy" recently. I don't mind too much, since I figure as far as she's concerned we just have the same name. But she seemed to hesitate just after she said it, like that didn't sound right and I haven't heard her do it again.

Well, we do believe It Takes a Village. Too bad I can't share Mommy duties when she's screaming at 2am....

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